Guitar Lesson Testimonials

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Simon Lees Live Black and White
Simon Lees performing Live with his band Aunbis at the 2016 Solasphere Festival in Builth Wells. Photo by Mark “Chalky” White.

Below is some of the feedback I’ve had from people I’ve taught…

Luke Hatton – Guitarist with rock bands Cloven Hoof and Awake by Design 

“I’ve had guitar lessons with Simon for the past five years and I can easily say every lesson has helped me improve both my technique and my understanding of music. Each lesson I’ve had has been based on something that I wanted to do, not from a grade book or from structured lessons; which is where Simon is leagues above other guitar teachers. By having a lesson based on something I wanted to study it makes the lessons and my own personal practise time far more engaging, but whilst the lessons have been based on something I wanted to learn, Simon has closely monitored my technique and has always shown me how to improve. In my lessons I’ve also covered music theory, music production and lessons on how to get the most out of my guitars and equipment. I now play in a band, record solo albums and produce music – all thanks to Simon’s guidance!”

Chris Coss – Guitarist with classic rock band Cloven Hoof and X-Factor star Joseph Whelan (who Simon also taught!)

“After having been taught how to play guitar by Simon I would recommend him to everyone, it is your rare opportunity to be taught by a truly inspirational player. Using the expert guidance and coaching by Simon Lees the standard of my guitar playing has increased dramatically, as someone who was primarily self taught Simon was able to spot and unpick the bad habits that were holding me back and correct them. Learning from Simon’s innovative method of teaching scale patterns, the fretboard almost lights up to any scale at any position making soloing and improvisation a joy. Simon’s extensive knowledge in both technique and theory helped guide me to success achieving grade 6 using the Rockschool syllabus”

Colin Tippin (Roy Wood’s Army/Roy Wood Big Band)

“If you’re going to learn from anyone, learn from one of the best guitarists I’ve ever seen!

Craig Poole – “I will gladly stick my hand up and tell any budding guitarist Simon Lees is the man to go and see.. I have always had an interest in the guitar and after watching Simon play at one of his One Man Rock Shows I was blown away.. He can shred like Satriani and he’s a thoroughly top bloke.. I’ve had a few lessons with him and he’s a great teacher. He didn’t win Guitarist Of The Year for nothing.. if your gonna learn you might as well learn from the best!!”

Ali Lee – “Simon taught my son Dan to play the guitar from a young boy through to his teens. The lessons were the only hobby Dan ever stuck at, primarily cos Simon is an amazing teacher, a great role model and had a fun sense of humour. Highly recommended. Thanks Simon”

Byron Garbett – Guitarist with rock band Gin Annie

“Simon has a unique way of teaching guitar… He teaches you the things you want to play but manages to incorporate practical skills that help you become a more rounded musician at the same time. To this day I rely on the techniques and methods he subliminally programmed in to me when I thought we were just having fun transcribing Metallica tunes together. From learning to play by ear and tabbing out what you hear to setting up a sound to match your idols and mastering technique, Simon provides it all… I can’t thank him enough, he’s worth treble what he charges.”

Simon Lees in Texas 1
Simon Lees enjoying his solo spot during Budgie’s show at the Sunken Garden Theater in San Antonio, Texas – March 2004. Photo by Nigel Hutchings.